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Vulnerability Assessment


Organizations must reorganize their cybersecurity infrastructure to combat today’s fast-evolving cyber threat landscape. Leveraging the expertise of cybersecurity professionals at GoldSky Security can help organizations take a proactive approach to tackle various sophisticated threat actors. Our vulnerability assessment processes can detect weaknesses in your network or system and offer remediation plans.


Vulnerability assessment systematically examines security weaknesses in an organization’s information system. Identifying security vulnerabilities and ranking them based on severity involves manual and automated techniques emphasizing comprehensive coverage, enabling security teams to prioritize the weaknesses to address in their threat mitigation efforts. This way, vulnerability assessment provides necessary remediation steps to secure an organization’s network.

The primary purpose of the vulnerability assessment and management program is to keep the organization safe from known exploitations and ensure compliance with the applicable regulatory frameworks. Common types of vulnerability scanning include network-based, host-based, wireless, application, and database scans.

Including various tasks like security control checks, testing network resilience against intrusion attacks, and scanning network ports for potential threats, the vulnerability assessment offers a holistic approach to improving the organization’s security.


Identification of Risk-Prone Assets

Vulnerability assessment scans help identify assets that are susceptible to cyberattacks. In addition, detailed reports of the security system’s weaknesses provide greater insight into the higher-risk areas, enabling organizations to take proactive steps to mitigate risk and secure their assets.

Prioritization of Vulnerability Remediation

Vulnerability remediation addresses potential exploits and minimizes digital assets or sensitive data risks. In addition, it neutralizes security loopholes before they become threats through software application patches, hardware fixes, upgrades, or replacements.

Test Effectiveness of Security Tools

Vulnerability scanning and testing quickly identify existing vulnerabilities in the system and network. Along with penetration testing, it tests the effectiveness of security tools in protecting the assets.

Compliance Readiness

As cybersecurity compliance requirements continue evolving, vulnerability assessments help identify the areas requiring attention and mitigate risks while keeping the organization up-to-date with the latest regulations. Such assessments prepare the organization for future audits and strengthen preparedness for cyber threats while achieving compliance readiness.

Inform Cybersecurity Investments

Vulnerability management is an ongoing process that offers organizations continuous visibility into their security posture. Investing in the right tools and solutions makes the threat and vulnerability management process more effective, thus improving the accuracy and precision of the assessments.


Web and Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment

With web and mobile application vulnerability assessment, cybersecurity professionals evaluate the strength of the application against any known or potential threats to protect the user and the organization from any security breach. This reduces risk and ensures that the web and mobile application is secure and complies with security standards.

Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment

Endpoint vulnerability assessment scans endpoints in an organization, including routers, servers, IoT devices, or anything else with an IP address or a MAC address for current or potential vulnerabilities. Detailed reports outlining the vulnerable endpoints and their severity level enables organizations to make necessary changes and secure the endpoints.

Source Code Vulnerability Assessment

Flaws in the source code create a potential risk of compromising security. Source code vulnerability assessment follows the process of automated testing and analyzes the source code to find the security vulnerabilities that make it susceptible to attacks. Identifying and resolving the vulnerabilities before the application’s final release is necessary to prevent future issues.

Network (external and internal) Vulnerability Assessment

Network vulnerability assessment refers to reviewing and analyzing an organization’s network infrastructure. Vulnerability scanning of internal and external networks helps detect cybersecurity vulnerabilities and network security loopholes.

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GoldSky Security experts help organizations take a proactive approach to tackle various sophisticated threat actors.

“ We’ve come an incredibly long distance in improving our security measures and GoldSky has helped us get there. Not only are we able to get bigger clients that see our certification status, but we also have better processes from which to run our business. Having sustainable business practices is such a critical thing — they’re a huge value when they’re there and a huge risk when they’re not. It feels great to know that we’re continuously developing into a really stable and secure company.”

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