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SLED Security Practice Overview

The State, Local, and Education (SLED) government sectors are currently benefiting from the digital transformation era today. As such, greater digitization has helped SLED achieve its mission of enhancing the operational and result-based experience of citizens, including students with minimal access to the internet. Simultaneously, 52% of counties in the U.S. are using emerging technologies, such as AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, etc., for making better and faster decisions, as well as for the delivery of day-to-day government services.

Emerging corporate trends in society today, such as remote work environments and an increase in critical infrastructures being issued a digital presence, have expanded the cyberattack surface for State and Local governments. Thus, cybercriminals and advanced persistent threat (APT) threat actors are leveraging the increasing vulnerabilities associated with poorly secured government systems to attack critical services, including election and voting systems.

GoldSky Security experts are experienced in supporting agencies and organizations with the SLED sector to mitigate the following critical cybersecurity challenges:

  • Regulatory compliance requirements (State-based Information Security regulatory compliance).
  • Risks of outdated legacy systems.
  • Malware attacks (ransomware and rootkit viruses).
  • Phishing and social engineering attacks.
  • Lack of quality and affordable cybersecurity talent.
  • Lack of basic cyber hygiene and awareness training

GoldSky Security Solutions for SLED sector

Rapid IT modernization efforts, coupled with several high-profile security breaches, have put State and Local government entities under extreme pressure to assure data privacy and security for citizens and critical infrastructure assets.

GoldSky Security solutions allow SLED entities and their supporting system integrators to reduce attack surfaces and achieve regulatory compliance, meanwhile managing emerging risks via systematic identification, monitoring, and prioritization of vulnerabilities.

Such activities are carried out across mobile, virtual, and on-premise networks, leveraging our tailored, sector-specific security solutions for the SLED sector:

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • IT Security and Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Phishing Simulation Services
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
  • Cloud Computing Security

Why Choose Us

GoldSky Security is a value-driven organization committed to empowering organizations to understand and reduce the cybersecurity risks they face while providing the targeted resources necessary for maintaining continuous compliance and IT governance mandates.

Our 30 years of combined experience and proven track record of implementing global security standards and best practices have helped in threat mitigation and control risks associated with cyber-attacks. Thus, allowing us to offer the following unique attributes to our clients:

  • Cyber-Risk Management Using Cutting-edge Tools: GoldSky Security enables SLED organizations to manage risk with processes such as the development of data security policies, vulnerability assessments, and systematic incident response measures.
  • Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure: Our domain specialized cybersecurity experts collaborate with SLED entities to help discover where assets are most vulnerable and develop a secure architecture to address threats, risks, and vulnerabilities associated with critical government infrastructures.
  • Keeping Citizens’ Information Secure: GoldSky Security enables States and Local Government entities to meet the necessary technical requirements for maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). Our services are cost-effective, resource-efficient, and “secure by design,” thus meeting needs while also remaining affordable.
  • Achieving Continuous Compliance: Our experts assess SLED organizations’ security posture and communicate lapses in easy ways that could be acted upon. GoldSky’s solutions cover a wide range of standards, frameworks, and regulations such as CIS controls, SANS, and NIST 800-53.

Client Testimonial

We have worked with GoldSky Security over the past few years to perform our annual Security Risk Assessments and to insure we are compliant with NCUA security standards. The Risk Assessment reports we receive are extremely detailed and the Remediation Roadmap’s are easy to understand and follow for our management team. As a result of partnering with GoldSky, we have dramatically increased the security posture of our credit union over time. We look forward to continuing our partnership and would highly recommend GoldSky as a great partner for any company in need of cybersecurity advisory services.”

Aaron Logue
President & CEO
City & Police Federal Credit Union

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