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Penetration Testing


Today’s cyber threat landscape reminds us that threat actors are working harder than ever to refine their attack methodologies and maximize their impact. By collaborating with the pen-testing experts at GoldSky Security, your organization enjoys a proactive approach to preventive, detective, and corrective security.


Penetration testing is a method used to find and exploit vulnerabilities in an IT system or any part of that system by employing the same tools and strategies as an adversary. These IT systems usually include networks, web applications, and computer systems. At GoldSky, we examine your network, applications, devices, physical security, as well as your employees through the eyes of a malicious actor. Our experienced security team identifies flaws and suggests ways to improve your security posture.

The surge in cyber-attacks and their sophistication require that organizations be in a ready state and well equipped to face such threats. This battle against threat actors requires penetration testing to explore the weaknesses in a system’s security posture and rectify them before cybercriminals can exploit them. In addition, penetration testing evaluates the effectiveness of an IT system’s security controls. GoldSky Security assists organizations in designing more effective security processes and controls.


Visibility of Security Gaps

Our security professionals can critically test web and mobile applications to identify vulnerabilities in a broader scope, including OWASP top 10. They also provide professional advice and services to rectify them.

Test Effectiveness of Security Tools

An effective pen-testing operation allows your organization to test the performance of the security controls implemented within your computing environment. In addition, your organization can gauge its risk tolerance level by understanding the effectiveness of security tools.

Shrink Attack Surfaces

After discovering security gaps and weaknesses within an otherwise secured system, GoldSky pen-testers provide detailed analyses of attack vectors that threat actors could leverage against your organization. With such tailored threat intelligence, IT teams can unplug or disable services, tools, or behaviors that make your organization vulnerable to compromise.

Compliance Readiness

Pen-testing allows your organization to assess its security posture per HIPAA/HITECH, CMMC, GDPR, SSAE 18, PCI-DSS, and other security and privacy frameworks. In addition, although a compliance readiness assessment is a critical process for compliance certification, the results from a pen-testing operation allow your organization to know where it stands concerning compliance certification.

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Web and Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Our security professionals can critically test web and mobile applications to identify vulnerabilities in a broader scope, including OWASP top 10. They also provide professional advice and services to rectify them.

Network Penetration Testing (internal and external systems)

Our network penetration testing service will investigate your network security flaws and controls to prevent data breaches and ensure network and system security.

Contract GoldSky to conduct a Pentest for your Organization

GoldSky Security experts employ real-world threat simulation tools to launch attacks that expose system vulnerabilities the same way an attacker would. In addition, our pen-testing operation provides a realistic probe by drawing on 20+ years of combined, multi-dimensional expertise.

“ We’ve come an incredibly long distance in improving our security measures and GoldSky has helped us get there. Not only are we able to get bigger clients that see our certification status, but we also have better processes from which to run our business. Having sustainable business practices is such a critical thing — they’re a huge value when they’re there and a huge risk when they’re not. It feels great to know that we’re continuously developing into a really stable and secure company.”

Dan Barber CIO Compliance Solutions

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