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Private Equity & Venture Capital


With the rise of digital transactions and remote work, organizations dealing with substantial amounts of sensitive financial data, such as private equity and venture capital (VC) firms, face fresh risks and vulnerabilities. Consequently, these entities have become attractive targets for cybercriminals seeking to execute cyberattacks like ransomware and business email compromises (BECs).


GoldSky Cyber Security takes pride in offering its services to Private Equity and Venture Capital Groups, ensuring that the companies they invest in prioritize strong cybersecurity practices and adhere to federal, state, and industry-specific compliance regulations.

In the era of digital advancements, Private Equity and Venture Capital Groups have witnessed a transformation in their approach to risk evaluation when considering potential mergers or acquisitions. An informed buyer places great importance on comprehending the cybersecurity posture of a target acquisition, as it plays a crucial role in determining the final valuation. Recognizing this shift, GoldSky Cyber Security aims to provide comprehensive insights and assessments regarding the overall cybersecurity readiness of these potential investment targets.

The ability to assess and understand the cybersecurity landscape of a company being considered for investment can significantly influence the decision-making process. By partnering with GoldSky Cyber Security, Private Equity and Venture Capital Groups gain valuable expertise and knowledge to make well-informed choices, ensuring that cybersecurity considerations are effectively incorporated into their investment strategies.


Technology Audit

GoldSky Security will collect a scope of systems in production. GoldSky will conduct security scans on the in-scope systems. GoldSky will review and report findings with associated and identified Risks along with remediation guidance for each identified risk.

Security Risk Assessment

GoldSky Security will conduct a Security Risk Assessment that provides organizations benchmarks for comparing their internal security controls with industry best practices. In addition to having an experienced 3rd party cybersecurity advisory firm perform an assessment.

Network Penetration Test

GoldSky’s Network Penetration Testing extends a Vulnerability Assessment to determine if vulnerabilities can be exploited to compromise the network and/or accessible systems. Penetration Testing can be unlimited in terms of scope; hackers with malicious intent can spend unlimited time attempting to compromise your systems from the Internet.  A rogue employee or hacker that has obtained access to the private company network can spend unlimited time attempting to compromise your systems from within. The reflected level of effort is based on our extensive experience with penetration testing and balances reasonable efforts and best practice methodologies.

CSOaaS Program

GoldSky CSOaaS program will oversee the implementation of and maturing of the Client’s NIST 800-53 controls. GoldSky will provide this effort and Advisory services to help reduce and manage the ongoing risks inherent in managing the control framework for the Client’s current growing IT or Security environments and associated assets, processes, and technologies.

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“ We’ve come an incredibly long distance in improving our security measures and GoldSky has helped us get there. Not only are we able to get bigger clients that see our certification status, but we also have better processes from which to run our business. Having sustainable business practices is such a critical thing — they’re a huge value when they’re there and a huge risk when they’re not. It feels great to know that we’re continuously developing into a really stable and secure company.”

Dan Barber CIO Compliance Solutions

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