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Managed Security

Managed Security Services are provided over a period of time and performed by GoldSky to offload the security tasks and management for continuous protection against cyber threats.  These activities may include Vulnerability Management, Awareness Training Programs, Mobile Device Security, Remote Log Monitoring, Penetration Testing, Email Phishing and more.

Our expertise allows us to perform these tasks efficiently, staying current with the latest security developments. Effectively, GoldSky can manage these aspects of your security program so you don’t have to.

Some of these activities, like vulnerability and penetration scanning, are required to be performed by a third party to stay compliant. GoldSky can produce the reports to help you meet your compliance goals.

Managed Security Services

All networks and devices have vulnerabilities. GoldSky uses state-of-the-art solutions to routinely scan and analyze your networks from the inside-out, allowing for an in-depth understanding of your weaknesses. These services are usually provided monthly, and the vulnerability scan can be run from inside or outside of your network – or both!

The human factor of security is often overlooked. However, ensuring that employees are adequately – and continuously – trained on how to detect and respond to attacks is a critical component of your security program! Many cyber attacks rely on social engineering methods that begin with exploiting employees lack of knowledge or awareness. GoldSky helps by providing remote and love security awareness training, building an ongoing training program, and much more.

Penetration testing – also called ethical hacking or white hat hacking – utilizes specially-trained security professionals to attempt to break-in to your network. This can be performed in many ways, to include web application testing, physical security testing, network testing, social engineering, and more. The testing is performed in a controlled way to expose possible attack vectors and provide actionable information to improve the network and application security. Find out what the attackers can get access to!

Email Phishing Simulation – this is a great way to see how your employees, and even you, handle the emails that look legitimate but could be malicious. This is the most common way access credentials and company information is stolen and simulating these attacks is the best way to evaluate the readiness of your staff and potential weaknesses. 

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