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Legal Security Program


Secure your small-midsize legal practice with our comprehensive law firm security program. GoldSky designed this package to be an affordable and effective means of ensuring that your practice meets and maintains appropriate security standards in addition to state and federal compliance mandates.

The GoldSky approach first involves understanding your current situation and defining a remediation roadmap to achieve appropriate security and compliance. Throughout the year, practice employees receive required training on safe computer use as well as co-branded newsletters to help encourage a more security-aware workforce.

Additionally, all employees have access to GoldSky Security Consultants where they can ask both personal and professional security questions and receive expert responses at no charge. To continue protection throughout the year, GoldSky provides end-point malware protection, monitored 24x7x365 by security experts.

Security Program Offering

Differentiators & Experience

  • Work with companies who have 30-1000 Employees
  • Small & Large Scale Security Assessments
  • NIST Compliance Readiness Programs
  • Experienced security practitioners and technologists experts
  • Certifications: CISSP, CCNA, MCSE, WatchGuard, PCI-QIR
  • Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Client Testimonial

“We have worked with GoldSky Security over the past few years to perform our annual Security Risk Assessments and to insure we are compliant with state, federal and global cybersecurity laws. The Risk Assessment reports we receive are extremely detailed and the Remediation Roadmap’s are easy to understand and follow for our management team. As a result of partnering with GoldSky, we have dramatically increased the security posture of our law firm over time. We look forward to continuing our partnership and would highly recommend GoldSky as a great partner for any law firm in need of cybersecurity advisory services.”

Mark Shapiro
Founder, Shapiro Injury Group

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