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Manufacturing Security Practice Overview

With the advent of industrial control systems, ranging from programmable logic controllers to embedded systems, the manufacturing industry is beginning to experience an increased rate of cybersecurity incidents. While leveraging sophisticated technologies have helped maximize quality and productivity in the manufacturing sector, the exploitation of critical system vulnerability is capable of disrupting business continuity.

Some of the cybersecurity challenges plaguing the U.S. manufacturing industry include:

  • Manufacturing IoT (Internet of Things) Complexities:
  • Security and Privacy of Sensitive/Confidential Data
  • IP (Intellectual Property) Theft
  • Regulatory Compliance Evolution
  • Cybersecurity Training and Skill Gap

GoldSky Security Solutions for Manufacturing Clients

At GoldSky Security, our comprehensive security solutions within the manufacturing industry revolves around the design and implementation of countermeasures aimed at controlling emerging threats, including supply chain security management.

Our cybersecurity experts are specialized in the development, implementation, and management of following solutions:

  • Vulnerability Scanning: We proactively detect vulnerabilities using automated anomaly tracking technologies, which helps to predict potential security breaches. Thus, helping manufacturing companies to maintain a comprehensive, cyber resilient posture.
  • Endpoint Security Protection: our endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are tailored to collect systems behavioral data isolate malicious activities among normal behavior. As such, GoldSky AI-driven analytics tools detect patterns and anomalies for advanced threat detection and response across multiple endpoints.
  • Securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS): Industrial Control Systems are integral to the supply chain of the manufacturing industry. As such, we proactively monitor ICS traffic, deliver security patches management, test security controls to ensure maximum security.
  • Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery: Our solutions enable ongoing operations before, during, and after the execution of disaster recovery processes.
  • Security Plan Development: We help organizations establish a cybersecurity plan and a framework that encompasses industry best practices, policies, procedures, and standards, specially tailored to the manufacturing sector.
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Employees are the first line of defense. GoldSky cybersecurity experts are specialized in the development and implementation of detective,  preventive, and corrective cybersecurity training to reinforce knowledge and awareness.

Why Choose Us

Despite the fact that the manufacturing sector faces a lot of cybersecurity challenges, GoldSky Cyber Security ensures that nobody ever compromises your organization’s information assets, thanks to the following attributes.

  • Proactive and Proven Approach: We proactively plan and perform necessary actions, and implement essential detective and preventive control measures.
  • Comprehensive Project Management: Whether simple penetration testing or sophisticated distributed network testing, we perform it all with state-of-the-art tools and techniques.
  • Clear Understanding of Unique Business Needs: We have customizable security solutions that can be aligned with your unique computing environment. GoldSky Cyber Security can help your manufacturing company to its security posture; identify sector-specific emerging security risks; and realign business goals with security regulations and compliance objectives.

Client Testimonial

We have worked with GoldSky Security over the past few years to perform our annual Security Risk Assessments and to insure we are compliant with NCUA security standards. The Risk Assessment reports we receive are extremely detailed and the Remediation Roadmap’s are easy to understand and follow for our management team. As a result of partnering with GoldSky, we have dramatically increased the security posture of our credit union over time. We look forward to continuing our partnership and would highly recommend GoldSky as a great partner for any company in need of cybersecurity advisory services.”

Aaron Logue
President & CEO
City & Police Federal Credit Union

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