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Healthcare Security Program

The Medical industry has a lot to worry about these days. With regulations in constant change and the future of healthcare uncertain, GoldSky is positioned to step in to ensure that practices are doing everything they can to protect their patient and confidential data.  In the medical industry, we primarily focus on HIPAA and PCI (credit card) compliance.

HIPAA compliance doesn’t have to be difficult, however most practices are not HIPAA compliant, regardless of size. GoldSky helps make your job easy by identifying your security risk with an HIPAA Security Risk Assessment, and defining a path to compliance under the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules.

Security Program Offering

Client Case Study

The medical industry isn’t just Doctors. In this case study, we profile a benefits management company retained by GoldSky Security that collects, stores, and transmits electronic protected health information (ePHI). To issue life insurance, this company was required to broker healthcare information between patients, doctors, and insurance providers, thus placing them in-scope for HIPAA compliance. GoldSky performed a Security Risk Assessment (required under HIPAA) and was able to provide actionable and affordable security solutions to both comply with federal law, as well as protect patient data.

Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessments were performed.


HIPAA Compliance was a requirement as part of this scope of work.

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