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Achieving Cyber Security Maturity Levels using vCISO

The security of records and data has always been the top priority of most large businesses as it allows them to work efficiently without any risks. This modernization era has shifted everything online. As a result, every deal is now done through online platforms and websites. From small retail stores to e-commerce businesses and large industries.

The shift towards online business has also given rise to cyber threats and attacks, which does not only stop at stealing a company’s data and money, but also leave a grieving mark on future projects and trust in the market. Most large organizations are now paying heed to these threats. Hence, taking exceptional cybersecurity measures by introducing in-house teams whose responsibilities are to constantly improve the security of the company’s site, all online dealings, and the privacy of their customers.

Keeping the adverse situation of the pandemic in view, a lot of businesses who had no online customers or dealings have now shifted towards marketing and targeting customers through online platforms. Apart from their businesses, employees are also working from home, leaving more open-ends for cyber attackers to steal important data. Several different systems from different areas accessing the website and business from varying network service providers is a major security loophole.

Government authorities have also issued certain regulations to be followed in order to keep websites and e-businesses secure. A business can become more mature and protected if certain steps and measures are taken timely.

Steps to Achieving a Secure Business:

The five important steps towards achieving a more secure business are listed below:

  1. Raising the awareness of employees and professionals on cyber threats and security.
  2. Analyzing the risks and prioritizing the endpoint protection.
  3. Introducing automation in cybersecurity using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  4. Investing equally to cater for cyber-attacks as in the new technology.
  5. Achieving high cybersecurity maturity levels.

As mentioned in the last step, there are predefined levels for achieving maturity in cybersecurity, which rules out any risk of attack by hackers or competitors, just like improving the physical security of any building. These levels are very clear and they easily define the situation and condition of any company or business.

The 5 levels of reaching the cybersecurity maturity model are listed below:

  • Level 1: At this level, the company adheres to initial and small steps of ensuring safety by using antivirus tools and ensuring employees keep a check on their passwords. Moreover, the processes carried out for ensuring cybersecurity are not organized, documented, and specific at this level.
  • Level 2: The cybersecurity processes are repeated, documented and specific steps are followed to align with the regulations of the National security regulations for businesses and commerce. This is the intermediate level of cyber hygiene for organizations.
  • Level 3: Information security processes are well established and followed by a good management plan with regular maintenance support to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Level 4: At this level, the company carefully analyses, reviews the implemented processes, and calculates their efficacy. Moreover, it also devises plans to improve, fight the bugs and enhance security based on changing norms, techniques, and threats in the market.
  • Level 5: This level is the most optimized one in information security practices. The company constantly monitors its security patches and measures, takes feedback, and regularly implements new techniques to adapt and stay balanced without leaving any open ends or loopholes.

The gradual movement towards achieving efficiency and a greater level of security is every company’s policy and objective. This is usually implemented with the help of a trained professional i.e. a CISO or Chief Information Security Officer whose main aim and job description is to keep a check on the company’s information and data security. This pandemic has transitioned and shifted most businesses online, and most of their employees work from home or remotely.

Hiring a vCISO in this regard is the finest deal in this post-pandemic era as it will not only be helpful for the company in terms of its security but also will effectively manage its tasks and monitor its performance virtually. SME’s whose financial capabilities do not allow them to hire a team of trained professionals can opt for a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer. These virtual officers are very flexible in terms of how they work and pose no high risk to organizational revenues.

Just like a team of trained professionals looking after the information security processes and cybersecurity techniques, a virtual CISO will also help in monitoring, administrating, and taking care of every risk online. GoldSky Security has been managing organizational structures from any cyber risks for many years, and we keep a strict check on every single parameter that can directly or indirectly affect the company’s security.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer will help you out in carrying out the following important tasks:

  • Developing a security architecture
  • Keeping a check on data losses done internally and prevention of Fraud
  • Analysis of security operations
  • Access and identity management
  • Cyber Intelligence and online risks
  • Cyber investigations and forensics
  • Smooth governance.

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