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Partnership Spotlight: Tauruseer and GoldSky Security

As many businesses adopt cloud technologies and DevOps practices, the need for advanced security measures to safeguard critical digital assets has grown considerably. Many organizations can overcome this challenge by adopting DevSecOps practices, which integrate security into the software development lifecycle. However, this integration often introduces newer cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

In response to this challenge, GoldSky Security and Tauruseer have partnered to provide cutting-edge software security solutions that integrate seamlessly into any software development process.

The Value-Add Partnership

Tauruseer is a leading provider of an Application Security Posture Management Platform (ASPM) that helps organizations incorporate security measures into their DevOps pipeline. It delivers machine learning-driven security posture analytics for fast pace software development operations. With Tauruseer’s Application Security Posture Management Platform, organizations can automate security checks and incorporate them into the DevOps pipeline, ensuring that security is an integral part of the development process — not an afterthought.

Tauruseer’s unique value-adds are unmatched, bringing GoldSky Security’s customers even more robust security services. For example, the Tauruseer Application Security Posture Management Platform provides continuous monitoring and threat detection capabilities, allowing organizations to respond promptly to security incidents. This feature is crucial in today’s threat landscape, where hackers launch frequent, sophisticated cyberattacks. By identifying and remediating vulnerabilities early, companies can save significant time and resources and prevent security breaches, which can devastate a company’s reputation and bottom line.

Tauruseer’s platform enables GoldSky Security to integrate security checks into the software development process to offer customers a comprehensive suite of security services that cover the entire development lifecycle. This includes everything from optimal security risk assessments to penetration testing to vulnerability remediation. This integration helps detect and eliminate cybersecurity vulnerabilities early in the software development cycle, thus reducing the risk of costly security incidents.

In addition, with Tauruseer’s platform, GoldSky can perform comprehensive security testing on its customers’ software environments at twice the speed and accuracy, ensuring the infrastructure is secure before deployment. As a result, access to this state-of-the-art ASPM platform allows GoldSky customers to benefit from advanced security testing capabilities.

Benefits of the Partnership

GoldSky Security’s customers benefit from the partnership with Tauruseer by accessing a state-of-the-art ASPM platform that provides advanced software security capabilities. Another advantage of the partnership is that it enables customers to comply quickly with industry-specific regulatory requirements.

The Tauruseer ASPM platform supports various compliance standards, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR. For example, organizations in the healthcare industry must comply with HIPAA regulations, whereas those in the finance industry must comply with PCI-DSS standards. Tauruseer’s ASPM platform can help these organizations identify and address security issues specific to their industry, ensuring compliance requirements are met.

Another critical benefit of Tauruseer is its ability to integrate seamlessly with various development tools and platforms. This means that developers can continue to work with the tools they are already familiar with while benefiting from the security and compliance capabilities of the Tauruseer and GoldSky partnership. In addition, this seamless integration allows developers to focus on building software, helping to reduce the burden on security teams and freeing up their time to focus on more strategic initiatives.


GoldSky Security and Tauruseer’s partnership is a testament to the importance of collaboration in today’s digital landscape. With cyber threats constantly evolving, organizations must work together to protect their digital assets. By leveraging Tauruseer’s ASPM platform, GoldSky Security can provide its clients with comprehensive security assessments throughout the software development lifecycle, ultimately helping them achieve compliance and stay ahead of cyber threats.

By combining GoldSky Security’s expertise in cybersecurity with Tauruseer’s ASPM platform, organizations can ensure that their applications are secure from the beginning of the development process to deployment and beyond. With the partnership set to expand further, GoldSky Security’s clients can rest assured that they will continue to receive the best security services available in the industry.

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