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Tampa Office

GoldSky Tampa is located about 15 minutes from downtown Tampa.  We specialize in supporting small to medium size businesses with Cybersecurity Services such as Security Risks Assessments, Remediation, Managed Security Services, Continuous Monitoring, Incident Response and CSOaaS.

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  • 9119 Corporate Lake Drive
    Suite 155
    Tampa, Fl 33634
  • +1 407 853 8400

Region Partner

For more information regarding services or general information please contact Jonathan Cox.

Jonathan E. Cox
Jonathan Cox
Chief Operations Officer & Managing Partner
+1 813 953 5710

Featured News

  • How GoldSky Supports Clients and Partners During the Cybersecurity Compliance Journey

    Apart from business disruption and productivity loss, per reports, non-compliance costs range from $2.20M to $39.2M annually. Facing increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and pressure to adhere to the latest compliance framework is challenging for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) with limited resources. However, achieving compliance with a recognized security report or certification helps organizations demonstrate

  • The Impact of Human Behavior on Email Data Security

    Human risk factors are essential when interacting with technology, especially data security-based technologies. Such matter occurs because certain human behaviors are prone to risks that can impact business continuity and overall business goals. Moreover, the rapid growth of virtualization introduces a new and sophisticated dimension of human risk factors to critical partitions of an organization,

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