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Denver Office

GoldSky Security’s Denver office is located in the heart of Downtown. We specialize in supporting small-midsize businesses with their cybersecurity needs and meeting compliance mandates. Our services include: Security Risk & Compliance AssessmentsRemediation Advisory, Managed Security ServicesContinuous MonitoringIncident Response and CSOaaS.

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  • 1415 Park Ave West
    Denver, CO 80205
  • 1-720-923-1810

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For more information regarding services or general information please contact:

Keith Frechette
Keith Frechette
Chief Marketing Officer

Featured News

  • Managing Third-Party Cyber Risks

    In today’s interconnected digital world, businesses of all sizes rely on third-party vendors to provide essential services. From cloud providers to software vendors, IT service providers, and payroll processors, third-party vendors have become a critical part of modern business operations. However, this reliance on third parties also brings significant risks, especially regarding cybersecurity. As cybersecurity

  • Celebrate St. Patty’s with the Luck of the CSOs

    As you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it’s critical for companies to consider how much of their cybersecurity they are willing to leave up to luck. By hiring a fractional CSO, you can ensure that your organization remains secure, compliant, and protected from cyber threats. Identify Potential Risks It’s important for companies to take stock of

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