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Compliance in a boxwith Osano Data Privacy Management

Consent Management Platform

Osano’s consent management software is the most popular cookie consent solution on the planet, serving more than 2 BILLION consents per month across 750,000 websites… and now it has superpowers like 3rd party blocking, multi-language, and consent tracking!

Data Subject Rights

Easily manage 1 or 1,000,000 data subject requests. Osano makes it easy to verify a data subject’s identity, assign inbound requests to the appropriate owner, delegate data source retrieval, and deliver the results to the data subjects in the time as required by law. The DSAR portal integrates with GDPR Representative Service and PII API for additional automation.

GDPR Representative

Osano’s subsidiary, Osano Compliance Services International, an Irish corporation, maintains an office in Dublin, and we’re on standby as your EU GDPR representative. Our local team of EU data privacy experts and attorneys are there to help with local issues and offer automated digital mail forwarding so that you comply with Article 27 of GDPR.

Vendor Risk Monitoring

Monitoring vendors is no longer an optional task. Whether you are focused on SOC2 compliance or GDPR risk reduction, both have one common thread: Know your vendors.

Osano attorneys have reviewed the practices of more than 10,000 vendors. You are trusting vendors with your data, so find out whether they deserve that trust.

Policy Change Detection

How many times do you scroll and click accept without a second thought? You’re not alone. Not only they go unread, but they also include a self-updating clause requiring you to go back and review those documents for changes. You’re agreeing to any changes, and their consequences, indefinitely.

Vendor Lawsuit Alerts

If your vendors fail to honor their commitments to privacy, how would you know? If they were embroiled in a lawsuit that might put them out of business, would they tell you?  With Osano, you get alerted when a new lawsuit is filed or when an existing lawsuit has significant changes. Osano’s Vendor Lawsuit Alerts are like Google News Alerts for the courtroom. We follow cases against companies you do business with and keep you updated on what you need to know.

Privacy Law Alerts

Knowing about new laws is the only way to prepare your company to comply with them. Avoid being surprised or having no time to get compliant with privacy law alerts.

Ask A Privacy Expert

Understanding what you should comply with is complicated. On your own, you can never be sure that you are implementing an effective privacy program.  Osano’s attorneys and certified information privacy professionals are available to help answer any questions you may have.

PII Tracking API

Your application and workflows store personally identifiable information such as IP addresses, emails, and more. You are likely sharing that data with 3rd parties through integrations.  How do you keep track of who stored what and when? It seems like a big task, but Osano’s API makes it easy.

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