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Intelligent Automation Using Osano

Data security and privacy compliance laws tend to take a toll on business resources; over time, it only gets more daunting. However, GoldSky Security trusts Osano when it comes to ‘privacy’ as it eases the burden of privacy compliance for organizations, and lets them focus more on their core business activities.

Studies have shown that an adequate understanding and compliance with data security and privacy laws have proven to be difficult for small to midsize businesses, especially those with limited resources. To continuously maintain compliance for strict privacy laws, such as EU-GDPR, CCPA, GLBA, etc., an organization needs a digital privacy platform that helps them address compliance weaknesses and cater for consent needs.

At GoldSky Security, we understand that one of the crucial factors to gaining customers’ trust is by displaying our continuous commitment to providing the highest level of data privacy and security compliance requirements, across diverse industries.

To that end, we partnered with one of the most innovative data privacy and compliance experts in the industry, Osano, to refine privacy and consent practices and deliver cutting edge services.

The Importance of Implementing Intelligent Automation Processes for Privacy and Consent Needs

Regulations become increasingly stringent across various jurisdictions, and in response to them, businesses undertake various privacy initiatives. While compliance may be a legal requirement, SMBs often overlook the added benefits it offers.

Manual control becomes extremely hard because multiple platforms control the growing volume of private information. As a result, these platforms must be better equipped to manage different possible scenarios. Additionally, compliance with strict laws like CCPA (and other state laws that are emerging on a regular basis) requires a pre-set level of data monitoring and governance.

Businesses that automate the collection, processing and use of data offer an added benefit to users and themselves. Platforms like Osano have privacy automation inherent in the design and can save businesses’ time, help them with compliance, privacy and consent management, and cut costs.  And at the end of the day is the right thing to do for their customers, being customer-centric is a huge leg-up on your competition.

What is the Osano Platform, and why does it Matter?

Osano is a certified B corporation, which means that profits are one part of our goal but we are focused on a mission of improving transparency to preserve a free, open Internet.  Osano acknowledges that transparency is the inherent right of every internet user. Since the foundation pillar of the World Wide Web is trust, websites, service providers, and software vendors must be held accountable for gathering, processing, and using users’ data.

Osano is a data privacy platform that is extremely easy to use and quickly makes an SMB compliant with international privacy laws like CCPA and GDPR. It monitors all the vendors with which a business shares data, and helps in keeping the organization out of any vulnerability.

This powerful tool offers support to the privacy and consent needs of numerous organizations. Osano is a proud partner of GoldSky Security, a renowned entity in the cybersecurity space that achieves excellent benefits for its clients using the services.

The Effects of Osano on Corporate Privacy Requirements

The Osano dashboard offers its clients a bunch of valuable features, such as:

    • Consent Management
    • Data Subject Rights
    • GDPR Representation
    • Vendor Risk Monitoring
    • Policy Change Detection
    • Vendor Lawsuit Alerts
    • Privacy Lawsuit Alerts

Establishing itself globally as a safeguard for CCPA and GDPR compliance, Osano helps corporates monitor their crucial business data across websites. The platform’s workflow integrates the first objective data set for measuring privacy practices and offers businesses the following advantages:

  • Safety from unsanctioned third-party scripts.
  • Displaying and enforcing the correct consent requirement automatically, based on geolocation.
  • Scalable and fast proof of consent and storage. It comes in handy in case there is a lawsuit or data subject request.
  • Tracking and alerting the user if there are any changes in the vendors’ privacy ratings.
  • Spotting the risky vendors who may harm the business.
The Benefits of Deploying Osano for SMBs

Small businesses often operate in the delusion that they may never make it onto the radar of EU supervisory authorities. However, they must know that EU authorities have a history of fining small businesses like local stores for GDPR violations. It is just the beginning, and the penalties will keep going up in the future.

Hence, SMBs must abide by the GDPR as long as they use analytics, maintain log files, and store IP addresses of users. Osano breathes and lives with data privacy. Hence, the platform removes the onus of compliance from SMBs so that administrators can focus on doing their best to run their business.


With the evolving market and systems, organizations have an excellent opportunity for automating their compliance and privacy initiatives. GoldSky Security and Osano work together to help businesses gain compliance with minimal effort and measure data privacy practices objectively for seamless monitoring and auditing processes.

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