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A World-Class Incident Response and Cyber-Risk Intelligence Partnership

GoldSky Security and S-RM

One of the largest risk and intelligence platforms, S-RM, comprises over 300 advisors and experts equipped to help businesses build and maintain cybersecurity resilience. GoldSky Security has partnered with S-RM to adequately respond to information security threats and deliver the best-in-class security solutions for small to midsize businesses.

Organizations around the world are now coming together to address emerging information security challenges by using a collaborative approach to problem solving. A collaborative approach to addressing emerging cyber-threats helps organizations to understand dynamic computing environments from a holistic view point. Thus, ensuring the delivery of comprehensive solutions to meet unique security needs.

Furthermore, studies have shown that information security partnerships and collaborations leverage years of experience, expertise, and industry knowledge in combating cybercrime, which provides organizations with an edge over sophisticated tactics, techniques, and procedures implemented by malicious threat actors.

GoldSky’s strategic partnership with S-RM leverages Retained Forensics and Incident Response Service to perform high-level monitoring of the cybersecurity posture of corporate clients. This joint partnership develops a team that ensures robust security by establishing, directing, and managing exercise and test programs that are capable of deploying corrective measures in the event of an unfortunate data breach.

The Integration of GoldSky Security’s Incident Response Expertise With S-RM’s Retained Forensics Capabilities

Data privacy and security laws and regulations pertaining to data breach notifications are constantly maturing and becoming more mainstream than ever before. In fact, they combine stringent incident reporting requirements for organizations with stricter timelines for breach reporting.

Sometimes, the breach reporting window can be as early as 24 hours or even earlier in some jurisdictions. Therefore, GoldSky Security‘s comprehensive cybersecurity framework and incident response solution helps organizations to remain in compliance with popular regulations, such as EU-GDPR, CCPA, GLBA, etc.

While S-RM employs a proactive incident intelligence approach, which uncovers the root-cause of security incidents, GoldSky Security leverages said approach to help position organizations to develop proactive incident response plans.

Together, GoldSky and S-RM creates a  comprehensive security framework that delivers robust mitigation strategies aimed at building resilience to risks and overcoming mission-critical challenges stemming from emerging cybersecurity threats and attacks.

The Benefits of a GoldSky and S-RM Partnership:
  • Phishing Simulations & Tests – Administrators can measure the preparedness of their employees against social engineering threats such as phishing attacks through these tests.
  • Penetration Tests – A penetration test is conducted in order to detect the vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit in the information systems and network of an organization.
  • Red Teaming – Through Red Teaming, the team mocks a real cyber threat to the enterprise in order to check the digital and physical defense levels.
  • Risk and Governance Solutions – This service includes offering our GoldSky’s clients practical roadmaps to reduce cyber risks and align them with the prevailing information security standards. This solution contains recommendations to effectively prepare for and address emerging threats.
Additional Values Leveraged By The S-RM and GoldSky Partnership:
    1. Corporate Intelligence – This is a catered service, especially for corporate decision-makers. Through an extensive investigation of global organizations across diverse industries, decision-makers are able to determine specific solutions to unique problems within their organizations.
    2. Crisis Management – The partnership ensures that organizations are prepared to relentlessly prioritize incident response procedures. The crisis management capabilities equip decision-makers with the knowledge, support, and best practices to comfortably respond to and mitigate any eventuality. Additionally, GoldSky leverages S-RM’s prolific insights from disasters worldwide to help keep our clients informed about the current incident response methodologies to secure critical corporate infrastructures.

As a prominent cybersecurity solutions provider, GoldSky Security aims to continually incorporate its expertise with tools that will enhance the confidentiality, integrity, privacy, and security of clients’ data. Therefore, GoldSky Security leverages the forensics services and eDiscovery techniques of S-RM, a leading security and risk services provider with over 300 experts responding to risks, threats, and emerging incidents on the global stage.

This partnership provides an in-depth value in the understanding of global threat and risk management, which is critical to incident response and the maintenance of compliance requirements across regional jurisdictions.

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