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HITRUST Readiness Assessment

HITRUST Compliance Readiness

Receive a HITRUST gap analysis and readiness assessment conducted by an Authorized Readiness HITRUST Assessor. Our consultants will help you prepare for certification.

Your Path to HITRUST Compliance

GoldSky Security is proud to serve as a HITRUST Authorized Readiness Licensee, leading organizations, from day one, towards successfully achieving a HITRUST Certification.

The HITRUST CSF framework was created in 2007.  Since then HITRUST has evolved over the years to provide widely accepted certifications that span across various industries. The framework addresses a multitude of security, privacy, and regulatory compliance challenges facing organizations in today’s Digital Age.

Key Benefits of a HITRUST CSF Certification

  • Synchronizes and cross-references existing, globally recognized standards, regulations, and business requirements, including HIPAA, HITECH, ISO, EU GDPR, NIST, and PCI;
  • Scales controls according to type, size, and complexity of an organization;
  • Provides prescriptive requirements to ensure clarity;
  • Follows a risk-based approach offering multiple levels of implementation requirements determined by specific risk thresholds;
  • Allows for the adoption of alternate controls, when necessary;
  • Evolves according to user input and changing conditions in the standards and regulatory environment on an annual basis;
  • Provides a unified approach for managing data protection compliance.

The thoroughness of a HITRUST Readiness Assessment addresses security concerns. In addition, it streamlines the compliance process by allowing organizations, their business partners, and vendors to assess and report against multiple control requirements, thus reducing the time, cost, and stress it takes to comply with other security frameworks.

Ready to be HITRUST Compliant? We will get you there.

Contact us to start your HITRUST Readiness journey.

Our experienced team of HITRUST readiness assessors will guide you, step-by-step, through the ins-and-outs of becoming compliant.

We have worked with GoldSky Security over the past few years to perform our annual Security Risk Assessments and to insure we are compliant with NCUA security standards. The Risk Assessment reports we receive are extremely detailed and the Remediation Roadmap’s are easy to understand and follow for our management team. As a result of partnering with GoldSky, we have dramatically increased the security posture of our credit union over time. We look forward to continuing our partnership and would highly recommend GoldSky as a great partner for any company in need of cybersecurity advisory services.”

Jeff Tibbetts Vice President and CIO LSI, Inc

Our HITRUST Readiness Process Entails

Step 1.

The Assurance Strategy Phase

During this phase we work with our clients to determine their short and long-term goals for providing assurance reports to their most relevant stakeholders (such as their clients, government, or sector-specific partners). Once the relevant stakeholders are identified, we work to determine what assurance information will be important to provide as part of the Assurance Strategy.

Step 2.

The Scoping Phase

This phase focuses on defining business areas (computing environment, services, and relevant systems) that will be included in a validated HITRUST assessment based on the client’s Assurance Strategy. This phase typically involves reviewing organizational factors, such as service offerings, operations, geographical locations, number of records, public exposure of systems deployed, etc., that are relevant to the areas of the business that will be assessed.

Step 3.

The Risk and Readiness Assessment Phase

During this phase, a detailed risk assessment process is performed to determine how an organization’s current maturity state aligns with HITRUST control references – mainly assessing the impact and likelihood of a threat to determine inherent risk. In addition, our HITRUST CSF experts identify specific risks and vulnerabilities within computing environments that could impact the readiness assessment and other certification processes.

At the end of the risk and readiness assessment phase, a remediation roadmap is developed, which gives an organization a detailed guide to help them remediate custom risks and achieve an acceptable HITRUST validation score (3 or more) in each relevant domain.

Why Choose GoldSky

Our HITRUST CSF experts are knowledgeable about the current and emerging compliance landscape. Throughout the readiness assessment, engagement will help your organization remediate custom risks and achieve an acceptable HITRUST validation score (3 or more) in each relevant domain.

In addition, our experts gather critical data to ensure the assessment process goes smoothly. Therefore, working with us ensures that all the pertinent information is passed on to the readiness assessor in a coordinated and timely manner, thus eliminating any additional stress or cost.

As a trusted HITRUST Readiness Licensee, we also offer advisory and project management services to help guide your organization through the intricacies associated with each phase of the HITRUST journey. Leverage our expertise today to ensure continuous adherence to the changes related to the HITRUST CSF.

“We were very pleased with the service from GoldSky. In addition to being very professional and knowledgeable, they communicated with our management team every step of the way, so we knew what was going on at all times. Once the project was completed, they delivered a detailed report about the work they did and made recommendations on how to improve our IT infrastructure moving forward. We will continue to use GoldSky as the need arises and would recommend their services without hesitation.”

David Kendall COO Cobb Cole

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